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1) Canada shoots America. (Used with the first three scenarios.)

Canada runs forward and steals the gun. Shoots America. Moment of confusion; ohshit VS I really did it! vs everyone's watching me…he drops the gun. Russia picks it up.

Cute USUK moment. When America jumps up, Russia shoots him. Everyone freaks a little, including Sealand yelling something about shooting Canada. (Canada sighs heavily.) Japan mutters to himself, "...he got to it first." China overhears and starts on about him too? Then everyone's all like, "Me too!" and talk about how EVERYONE wants to shoot America when he does something stupid.

England reminds everyone that America is a country and therefore isn't dead.

Cricket, cricket. Aww...

2) Russia shoots America. (Used with the last.)

Russia gets the gun and points the gun at everyone in turn. "Hm…who's the most annoying..." and shoots America. England breaks rank with the commies to run over to America (much to their annoyance).

Cute USUK moment. Russia shoots him again. England holds America in his lap. China says something about how England is helping their enemy/traded sides.

England says something about helping his brother. China recognizes that he'd do that, too. He goes over and sees if Japan is okay.

Belarus says she'd do anything for her brother. Russia whimpers. xDD

France puts his arms around Italy and Canada. "These are my brothers~" Punched by Germany. >D

Sealand goes up to a random cosplayer and asks to be its brother. England drops America and yells about stranger danger.