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England speaking.

Set in the near future, this story follows the path of World War III — Russia and China versus England, France, and Japan in its early stages. China and Russia (and Belarus) have banned together and wish to create an empire. Europe is trying desperately to tell them "no".

This could be the greatest war in history, or it could end in the conference room before thousands of millions of lives are lost. With America, Germany, and North Italy so far neutral, who will decide the fate of the world?

You will.

This Choose-Your-Own Adventure is meant to be read as a script. For the full effect, the videos of the cast should be watched. This is simply the text-based version that will be used by the cast for clarity and can be used as a walk-through and caption of sorts once the videos are published. Thank you.



America: Jessie C.

Belarus: Lauren

Canada: Trillion

China: Jessica S.

England: Eli

France: Katie

Germany: Brandon

Italy (North): Stephi

Japan: EMu

Lithuania: Eli

Poland: Devan

Russia: Matt

Sealand: Devan

Switzerland: Jessica R.