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Before the plot starts, Italy is kidnapped by an audience member that Russia and China pick. Canada, Sealand, and Belarus also pick an audience member, and this member follows Canada and Sealand behind the curtain while Belarus hangs off Russia. Sealand MIGHT come back in a box and sit next to the meeting table.

Switzerland starts with an introduction, explaining first the rules of the panel and then the beginning plot; there is a war going on between two sides--one with Russia and China (who are trying to take over Eurasia), the other with France, England and Japan. Germany, America, and the others are still unsure who to join.

The beginning of Episode 1 ensues, America “disappearing” briefly after England and France start fighting and “coming back” when Germany starts yelling. Italy fails to raise his hand for the "Paaassstttaaaa~" line. Everyone goes quiet, looking at the empty seat, until Germany finally asks, "Where's Italy?"

The plot splits for the first time here. Russia and China explain why they didn't do it (though it is in fact them) and then France and England (and maybe Japan) explain why they couldn't have. The audience takes a vote. 2 options:

1) China and Russia did it: GO TO CHOICE 1.
2) FrUKJa team did it: GO TO CHOICE 2.