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Russia and China, knowing there isn't much else to do, bring out Italy (who is probably bound or something). Germany joins FrUKJa team. While debating whether or not they should give him back, Japan asks America what he thinks should happen, and he falters. People start to question what's wrong with America.


French fashion show and then a very short Q&A. We make sure someone asks "America" something so he can fail at answering, even if it means having Denmark announce that they'll take one more question, but make it one for America, since he looks lonely. Or something.


“What’s wrong with America?" Italy works off the gag and shouts something about how that’s an impostor! America comes out and says “It’s not me!” Italy is set free, and he runs over and rips the American flag sticker off of Canada’s forehead. Everyone GASPS... and then cricket. Then Italy yells, “OMG, IT’S NOT AMERICA, IT’S LEAF-LAND!!” Canada says something about how he’s NOT Leaf-Land, he’s CANADA.
He has to rant about:
    Leaf-Land? REALLY?? WTF
    America is horrible
    Can’t take it anymore; exposes Cana-Bel-land. Evil laugh.
Sealand and Belarus expose themselves; box has been moving during the rant. China notices box is moving and hits it with his ladle. Sealand is revealed! China talks about more children. England goes all big bro on him. He introduced Cana-Bel-Land, and Belarus joins him. Canada laments that this has already been said, but no one notices.


B:Prepare for trouble
S:Make it triple!
C:To inform the world of my existence
B:To win Russia with my persistence
S:To extend my borders... to include GROUND
B:To ENSLAVE Russia with my LOVE (S: That doesn't rhyme..)
S:Cana-Bel-Land because it sounds right >:D
B:Surrend now or prepare to fight
C:Hey, guys, what about me? D:

J:...copyright infringement...

England suddenly yells "STOP!" Addresses audience: "Is it tea time??"
Yes: We have tea.


Prussia asks the audience for their opinion--is this new group, Cana-Bel-Land, really that much of a threat?

1) Yes, they're a threat: GO TO CHOICE 3.

2) Nah, not really: GO TO CHOICE 4.