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Russia stares at Belarus for a moment. Belarus is all flirty, maybe. Russia walks over and goes to shake England’s hand. “We kill them together.”

World VS Cana-Bel-Land~

Belarus throws a bitch fit and swears revenge against all the countries aside from Russia, Sealand, and "that one guy". 

France and England get into a fight about who's the leader (since Russia treated England as the leader). America: "I respect yo leadership skills an' all, an' I'ma let you finish, but..." England and France yell "SHUT UP! You're still a hostage anyway!" and ignore him. France takes his jacket off on top of England, etc. "Ooo, I like this game~"

Russia picks up France and England by the collar. He puts them both down facing Cana-Bel-Land. "THIS is our enemy."

Badass fight scene.




Switzerland gives a choice.

1) America: GO TO ENDING 1.

2) Canada: GO TO ENDING 2.

3) Germany: GO TO ENDING 3.