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 Cana-Bel-Land? Yeah, right.

Everyone goes on with the meeting as if they aren't there. Canada rages about them being ignored. Sealand tells that they're trying to take over the world. Russia stands and tells them that he IS taking over the world. Belarus immediately joins, and after wondering for a moment (Cana-Land?) Canada and Sealand join as well. Italy has joined Germany by now. Sealand tries to gain Russia's trust by getting America, who is still bound, when he realizes that he's the hero! He brakes the bonds and joins FrUkJAGerLy.…yeah. England- "...why didn't you do that before?"

Adlib; Commies want to take over the world, Noncommies try to dissuade them.

Sealand sees Tony; "Look! He's cute! What's your name~?" America sees this; "HEY! THAT'S MINE! I DECLARE WAR!" France- "WAR?!" -decks England, who falls- America- "HE'S ON OUR SIDE, IDIOT. CHINA, I CHOOSE YOU!" England- -holding side of face- "HE'S on THEIR side!!"

Everyone starts fighting. (CHOREOGRAPH!!)




Switzerland gives a choice.

1) America: GO TO ENDING 1.

2) Canada: GO TO ENDING 2.

3) Germany: GO TO ENDING 3.