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America rants about being a hero. Russia, China, and Germany discuss how Cana-Bel-Land is now a threat; England has a formidable military. Italy is way ahead of them (white flag) xD. They approach team France and decide to join forces. America and France fight over leadership/shaking hand privileges; China shakes America's hand and Russia shakes France's hand. Germany shakes Japan's hand for good measure~♥ Italy hugs his old teammates; "Yay, we're a team again~"

HETALIA! (no break)

They plan for a little while in groups; Right next to the audience, England loudly says something about how, knowing America, the nation will do something random and against the plan. They plan quietly.

Everyone gets up and there's a staredown; America laughs evilly;

America: "China, I choose you!"

China: "What?? That wasn't part of the plan aru!"

America: "Really? Neither was this! ALFREEEEEDDDD F. JONES!" -Leeroy Jenkins-

Battle ensues.


Switzerland gives the last choice.

1) America: GO TO ENDING 1.

2) Canada: GO TO ENDING 2.

3) Germany: GO TO ENDING 3.