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England joins the commies. Belarus joins them as well once she realizes she can't fight Russia. Canada and Sealand, realizing this is now bad for them, join the noncommies.

Fight is Commies VS Noncommies.

England formally walks up to Russia to join them. Russia grins and holds England's arms above his head. England freaks, thinking he'll be hurt, but China puts a red shirt over his head and yells "Welcome to the team~!"

America, suddenly realizing what this means, has a slapped-in-the-face-look. He walks up to England and completely seriously says, "I'M GONNA BEAT THE COMMUNISM OUT OF YOU!" And decks him.

Epic fight ensues.


Switzerland gives a choice.
1) America: GO TO ENDING 1.

2) Canada: GO TO ENDING 2.
3) Germany: GO TO ENDING 3.